Palm Beach Photographic Centre Lecture, 2/24/10

Reinventing Yourself When you Least Suspect It, or How I Became a Landscape Photographer, by John Reuter

This lecture by John Reuter will focus on his use of the landscape in his work for over 30 years. The landscape has always been an important element in John’s work but often in a supporting role. The figure has often been predominant and combinations of imagery used the landscape as a stage for a narrative story. The more painterly compositions also drew on the landscape but again as a supportive element in a compositional whole. The lecture will detail increasing interest in the landscape as an end in itself, even while pursuing his original interests. From the Holga Polaroid images to an infrared Canon, John details the transformation of appreciating these images on their own and how he learned to make them as expressive as his painted compositions. The lecture will be at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre on February 24th at the 3rd Floor Palm Beach Library Auditorium, Clematis ST, West Palm Beach, Florida at 7:30. Photographer Rick Friedman will also be speaking.