Image Transfer and Emulsion Lift Workshop at ICP, NYC 3/13-14/10

The creative techniques available from Fuji instant peel apart film remain unique in the rapidly changing world of photographic practice. Image transfer offers a range of softening effects and a subdued color palette, giving the image an antique and timeless aspect. Emulsion lifts are very different, literally floating the dyes off their original paper support and placing them on a variety of substrates, from handmade paper to wood or plaster. Both techniques offer a way to make images truly personal. Drawing on existing image sources (35mm color or black-and-white slides, photos or flat art up to 4×6 inches), students experiment with these techniques. They also enhance their images with watercolor paints, retouching dyes, and pastels for a more painterly look. A newly discovered technique of saving the negative from Fuji FP100C will also be explored. See the slideshow below for some examples of the techniques. You can sign up at International Center of Photography.