Wakodahatchee Wetlands HDR Images with LensBaby Composer

Continuing my posts stemming from my Lightroom for Digital Photography workshop at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre, I present some additional images from the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. This group was a real experiment. I have long wanted the LensBaby Composer since it came out and added the Super Wide Angle attachment the day before we went out on location. Sticking with the f 2.8 insert, I was going for very limited depth of field. As soon as I began shooting, I realized my Canon 5D MkII was set on Tungsten White Balance from the night before. The first images came out quite blue as I was now in a Daylight situation. I immediately decided I liked the blue cast and kept the WB where it was. As I photographed I began thinking of a “Day for NIght” direction for these images. The day was bright but overcast with occasional sun breaking through. I was seeing dusk and primordial and with my previous experience with HDR exposures I knew I had a lot of leeway. I set the 5D to record 3 successive exposures, all hand held. I had a tripod but felt using the LensBaby made that unnecessary. The results were a happy surprise, focus is perhaps 10% or less but I feel I managed something of a “Day for Night Monet’s water lilly” feeling. I will be back in West Palm in April to teach my Photoshop Digital Collage class and certainly intend to explore this further.