Recovering the Negative from Fuji FP100C45

This is a tutorial on how to remove the opaque backcoat from Fuji FP100C negatives. Unlike Polaroid’s peel apart negatives, the opaque protection is not impregnated into the backcoat. It is soluble in bleach. Caution is recommended in handling bleach or the toilet bowl cleaner used in this video. Eye protection and gloves are highly recommended as well as strong ventilation. Once recovered these negatives can be used in an enlarger, but more practical is to scan them on a flatbed scanner with transparency capabilities. Once scanned, they can be brought into Photoshop Camera Raw or Lightroom. Here you can adjust color, retouch dust or convert them to black and white, tone them and apply a whole variety of effects. You can capture your original images with Polaroid pack cameras, 4×5 cameras with either the Polaroid 550 holder or the Fujifilm PA-45 film holder. Pinhole cameras with 4×5 Graphlok sliders will also accept these holders. Among them are the 4×5 pinhole camera sold by Daylab. Daylab also makes a wonderful device called the Copy System Pro that will take any 4×6 flat art and convert it to instant pack film. Not only can you recover the negative from the Fuji FP 100C, but you can make image transfer and emulsion lifts. Look for more tutorials in the future on these techniques.