Impossible Project PX680, Just add paint.

Continuing my exploration of the manipulative qualities of PX-680 Color Shade film, we look at adding paint. When this image emerged from the SX-70 base of my Daylab, I stripped the negative away from the positive in the first several minutes, once the image had appeared. Later, when it was dry I rinsed off the titanium dioxide residue, being careful not to disturb the dyes. You are left with a transparent image. I later added acrylic paint, establishing a broader color palette. It has been 30 years since I painted inside such a small image. When painting from behind, your strategy of laying down color has to be different. Any small details are added first, middle ground next and broader background last. I am sure I will get a better grasp on it as I paint more, I am a little rusty. The scans show the stripped PX680 on the left with the Titanium dioxide still present, the center scan is the paint from behind and the right scan is the image viewed from the front.