The Daylab 120 with SX-70 base and Impossible Project Film

For many years creative Polaroid aficionados took advantage of the printers offered by Daylab to print existing transparencies onto Polaroid Polacolor peel apart film. Not as well known was a base manufactured by Daylab that utilized integral film, or SX-70 and 600. With these Polaroid films now quickly becoming unavailable, the Daylab base seemed obsolete. Not so with the new films produced by the Impossible Project, both Black and White and color. PX600 Silver Shade and PX680 Color Shade will both work in the Daylab. The range of exposure controls and film type switches can accommodate film from ISO 100 through 680. With a little testing, you are quickly on your way to rendering your transparencies in formats ranging from 35mm to 120. This will allow adventurous artists to once again take advantage of the creative potential of instant materials with existing imagery. The manipulation potential of Impossible films will be explored in future tutorials. Stay tuned.