Camera Ready: Journeys with the Giant Polaroid

It is always a challenge to distill a full film into a trailer or five minute summation. In this edit I wanted to show both the artists and Polaroid individuals who are key to the story. I chose longer passages of fewer subjects rather than several second snapshots of more people. The final film will draw for as many as 25 interviews.
I have included a brief montage of historical footage with my brief narration. I have included the key artists William Wegman (who also is the figure in the opening with the dogs on the road in Rangeley, Maine), Chuck Close, Joyce Tenneson and Elsa Dorfman. Polaroid is represented by JoAnn Verburg and Eelco Wolf (who was my first artistic sponsor long before I worked for Polaroid). We close with the writer and critic A.D. Coleman, who has written extensively on Polaroid in his career and was a fierce critic of the sale of the Polaroid Collection in 2010 after the Polaroid bankruptcy.